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Natural & Unique Formulation for Liver Disorders - Liver Tonic

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HEPA-100 (Liver Tonic)
An effective agent for Liver Protection, Liver Cell Regeneration & Promotes Optimal Liver Health

HEPA-100 Herbal Liver Tonic, which is cost effective and has hepatoprotective effect. 

- Regeneration of damaged liver tissues caused due to antibiotics, anthelmintics, chemical drugs and toxins.
- Optimizes the secretion of bile from liver, thereby assists in digestion & fat assimilation.
- Prevents impaired metabolism and ketosis in early lactation.
- Improves feed utilizations and helps weight gain and growth in calves.



  • Appetite, improves FCR, promotes growth, increases milk yield and prevents liver disorders. 
  • It stimulates hepatocytes regeneration, restores hepatic functions & increases feed utilization. 
  • Enhances growth, productivity and efficiency. 
  • Improves livability and peak performance & develops body resistance against diseases. 
  • It also, increases milk production. 


Each 100ml of aqueous extract contains:

Alfalfa 3%
Berberis aristata 3%
Cichorum intybus 3%
Curcuma longa 2%
Echinacea 2%
Emblica officinals 2%
Fumaria vailantil 3%
Silybium marianus 4%
Solanum nigrum 4%
Taraxacum officinals 3%
Terminalia belerica 3%
Terminalia chebule 3%
Trachyspermum ammi 3%
Zingiber officinals 3%



Its action on sympathetic, nervous system improve malnutrition, increase quality and quantity of milk in lactating animals.

Berberis aristata:
Hepatomegaly, splenomegaly, icterus, hepatoprotective.

Cichorum intybus
Help to protective, anti hepatomegaly, anti hepatotoxic, anti spleens megaly effective for jaundice and fever.

Curcuma longa
The alkaloid curcumin in carcuma produces anticloting, anti inflammatory and anti oxidant, Hepatoprotective, anti fibrotic and anti septic effects.

Immune stimulant, anti biotic, anti inflamatory detoxifying anti allergic.

Emblica officinals
It has anti icterus properties cooling refrigerant, anti diarrhetic, aperient immunomodulatory, Hepatopratetive, anti fibrotic anti-viral properties. It contains proteins inunctum, ghucide galllic acid calcium sucros, ret. C Folic acid Phosphorus and ferrum.

Fumaria vailantil
For better glycometablism, increase the qualification of the liver and it has effect to increase the digestion.

Silybium marianus
Hepato protective, hepato regenerative and anti fibratic, anti oxidant, ant inflammatory effects and proven therapy for hepatitis.

Solanum nigrum
General reinforced to the liver.

Taraxacum officinals
It has the capacity to clear obstructions and aids liver to dominate toxins from the blood.

Terminalia belerica
It contains the glacos, fractoz, raminoz in glocoz and menthol organic elements.

Terminalia chebule
It increase the secretion of the bile in the liver.

Trachyspermum ammi
Anti-Flatus and quick digestion, appetizer, liver tonic.

Zingiber officinals
It has anti cloting, anti inflammatory and vesodilatory effects. It is a digestive, stimulant  anti spasmodic, enteric & anti septic.



  • Helps in indigestion and anorexia.
  • Stimulates the liver functions & solves the problems of jaundice.
  • As growth promoter in calves, foals, lambs & kids.
  • Protect the animals from hepatitis and general debility.
  • Maintains rumen pH and normal micro flora of the gut.
  • Shows probiotic activity.



  • Helps in indigestion and anorexia.
  • Fighting against Aflatoxins & Liver Cancer.
  • Restore reduced feed intake.
  • Improving liver functions.
  • Better FCR, Growth, Livability & Production.


DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION: Through drinking water

Generally administer this product as 1ML per litre for 5 days between 25 — 35 day old bird.

Each 100 Birds

  • Chicks 5ml daily
  • Growers 10ml daily
  • Broilers 5ml daily (0 - 2 weeks)
  • Broilers10ml daily (3 - 4 weeks)
  • Layers & Breeders 15ml daily



  • Cattle & Horse 40ml twice daily
  • Sheep, Goat, Calf & Foal 20 - 25ml twice daily
  • Dog & Cat 10ml twice daily


Note:-     Dosage may be doubled at the time of severe condition (or) as advised by a Veterinarian.


USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: (To be given preferably in morning & evening water)

  • To restore reduced feed intake and to stimulate and optimize affected liver functions.
  • To improve feed conversion ratio, growth, production and livability.
  • To counteract the damaging effects of aflatoxins.
  • Use for 7 days or till condition persists.



  • Shake well before use.
  • Keep in a cool & dry place.
  • Keep out of Children’s reach.


PRESENTATION: 1Ltr. plastic container



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