Respiratory Products


Product Description Price  
N6 Influenza DropsRs.75
N9 Cough DropsRs.75
N8 Cough SyrupRs.160
N24 Pleurisy, Intercostal NeuralgiaRs.75
N43 Asthma Drops .........Rs.75
N45 Voice Hoarseness-illness of the larynxRs.75
N48 Pulmonary Respiratory DiseasesRs.75
N49 Sinus Drops .........___Rs.75
N57 Pulmonary TonicRs.75
N76 Asthma Forte DropsRs.75
N84 Inhalent Allergy Drops - Pollen AllergyRs.75
Brolax Syrup Treatment for Cough, Bronchitis, Cold & Rs.40