Lifestyle Products


Product Description Price  
Cineraria Maritima Eye DropsRs.50
N16 Migraine and Headache DropsRs.75
N17 Tumor Drops (Tuberculous Ulceration)Rs.75
N26 Draining and Stimulating DropsRs.75
N29 Vertigo - Syncope DropsRs.75
N31 Increases Appetite & Blood SupplyRs.75
N40 Diabetes Drops .........Rs.75
N59 Obesity and Weight DropsRs.75
N77 Anti-Smoking Drops ...Rs.75
N78 Eye Care - Drops for drinkingRs.75
N80 - Arnica Oil Muscular Pain, Rheumatism, Arthralgia, JRs.185
N81 Analgesic DropsRs.75
N89 Hair Care Drops .........Rs.75
Alfatone Syrup Digestive & Energetic Tonic for whole FaRs.50
Elax Tablets Treatment of ConstipationRs.75