Digestive Products


Product Description Price  
N4 Diarrhoea DropsRs.75
N5 Stomach and Digestion DropsRs.75
N7 Liver and Gallbladder DropsRs.90
N13 Piles Drops - HemorrhoidsRs.75
N37 Intestinal Colic DropsRs.75
N38 Affections of the abdomen-right sideRs.75
N39 Affections of the abdomen-left sideRs.75
N42 Varicose Veins DropsRs.75
N52 Vomiting, Nausea and Travel SicknessRs.75
N72 Pancreas DropsRs.75
N83 Food- Allergy DropsRs.75
N86 Low Blood Sugar DropsRs.75
N90 Hyperacidity, Hypersecretion, UlcerRs.75
N92 Increase Enzymes of DigestionRs.75
Gasfro Syrup Indigestion, Flatulence & GastralgiaRs.45
Elax Tablets Treatment of ConstipationRs.75