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Bactronil-S Inj.

Anti Inflammatory & Anti Bacterial

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BACTRONIL-S i.m / i.v – injection
Anti Inflammatory & Anti Bacterial

BACTRONIL-S is a sterile aqueous injectable solution that have powerful action for the treatment of acute lamenitis, arthritis, tenosynovitis and poly-arthritis in cattle and horses. It has been proven useful  BACTRONIL-S is highly effective in acute, chronic inflammation, bursitis, myositis, urticaria, eczema, dermatitis, toxaemia, oedema & skin diseases in cats and dogs. BACTRONIL-S absorbs in the organism & produces a rapid improvement in general conditions.


Apis: Acts on cellular tissues causing oedema, erysipelatous, anti inflammatory, much prostration

Mercuris: Rheumatid pain, lameness, anti bacterial, eczema & toxaemia

Natrum mur: Urticaria, itch & eczema, oedema, emaciation

Rhustox: Analgesic, cellulitis, eczematious eruptions, nettle rash, myositis

Thuja: Anti bacterial, skin eruptions, muscle & joint painful


BACTRONIL-S can be administered by intra-muscular or slow intra-venous route only.

Cattle, Buffalos            10-15 ml
Horse, Camels             15-20 ml
Sheep, Goats               05-08 ml
Dog, Cats                     04-05 ml

The dose should be repeated 12-24 hrs. intervals,
In severe cases the dose may be repeated for 2-3 days.

BACTRONIL-S is quite safe in pregnant and lactating animals.

- Shake well before use.
- Protect from heat & sun light.
- For better result, use disposable syringe.
- Keep in cool & dry place at room temperature


PRESENTATION: 50ml vial (sealed)

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