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andruff is the most widespread hair problem especially among men. If you ever had dandruff, also known as scurf, you know what it’s like – irritated scalp and itches, flaky skin and constant wondering whether to wear black or not. Many people err to believe that dandruff is caused by dry skin, frequent head washing or poor hygiene. These popular myths can lead to ineffective and often – inappropriate treatment and even worsen the situation.

Dandruff has a negative impact on one’s self esteem, and people suffering from that condition are usually more sensitive about their appearance than the rest.


What causes dandruff?

Dandruff is caused by a type of fungus – Pityrosporum ovale. Upon a normal organism state is does not cause any problems.

However when the skin pH balance in the hairy part of the head is broken and the environment is alkalized, the fungus starts to breed faster and due to the more frequent change of skin cells it leads to peeling.

The cause of the accelerated fungus growth has not been found, but the most probable causes are increased fat secretion by the organism, hormonal disbalance, stress, different ill-conditions of the nervous system, suppressed immune system, oversensitivity to the fungus itself or even inherited susceptibility to dandruff. In rare cases dandruff can be a manifestation of an allergic reaction to some of the chemicals in hair gels, hair sprays, hair oils or other hair products.

Very few people know that there are two forms of dandruff – external and internal. External dandruff is caused by excessive use of hair products – sprays and gels, improper use of hair-coloring products, excessive use of hair curlers or hair straighteners, cold weather, dry indoor heating, stress, infrequent shampooing of the hair or inadequate rinsing of the scalp. Internal dandruff can be caused by hormonal imbalance, emotional stress, poor health, poor hygiene, allergy to some foods, lack of rest, excessive consumption of sugar, fat and starch and hereditary predisposition.

Even though there is a lot more to be found about dandruff, what is unquestionably known about it is that it is a medical, rather than a cosmetic problem.

What are the symptoms of dandruff?  

  • white, oily flakes of dead skin
  • itchy, scaling scalp
  • too dry or too oily hair
  • greasy skin covered with flaky white, or yellow scales.
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