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Increase Enzymes of Digestion

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N92 (Pancreas Compositum) is the best homeopathic combination for increase the enzymes of digestion.


Increases enzymes of digestion, vomiting nausea, intestinal pain, indigestion, increases hydrochloric acid and strengthens digestive organs.

Berberis vuIg. D3, Cariophylum D3, Cinnamonum D3, Coreandrum D3, Hepar D6, Pancreas D6, Glandula protis. D4 


The pancreatic enzymes released from the pancreas are the most common digestive enzymes in the body. They can be placed in three basic classes according to the substrate that they act on. The proteolytic enzymes are enzymes responsible for the digestion of proteins, fats are digested by lipases, and dietary carbohydrates are digested by amylases. Medical doctors may normally prescribe digestive enzymes to promote the absorption of foods, in case a person is affected by several common conditions that cause malabsorption of nutrients, these include problems such as pancreatic insufficiency and cystic fibrosis.

When patients suffer from the physical symptoms of indigestion not attributable to a specific cause, many nutritionally oriented doctors will suggest the supplemental use of pancreatic enzymes with the daily meals to ameliorate the symptoms. The beneficial effects, if any, of such supplementation has still not been worked out in research. Further studies are required before any concrete benefits of such supplements can be proved.

The partially digested proteins can trigger some types of allergies according to one theory, at the same time, proteolytic enzymes are said to reduce the symptoms of allergy in patients with a susceptibility to allergenic reactions. This theory is supported by some scientific evidence but requires more studies. The human body partially absorbs the proteolytic enzymes like trypsin, chymotrypsin, and bromelain. These enzymes start to display anti-inflammatory activities once they are absorbed by the body; some evidence indicates that they even demonstrate possible anti-tumor effects in certain patients. The functioning of the immune system is also boosted by proteolytic enzymes, especially in patients affected by shingles - caused by herpes zoster virus. This line of research still requires verification and is poorly explored. More studies need to be conducted to make sure to confirm this evidence.


- 3 times daily 10-15 drops in a little water before meals.


- N5 drops: For Gastric & Stomach problem
- N7 drops: For Liver disorders
- N72 drops: For Pancreas problems
- N31 drops: Increases Appetite & Blood Supply




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