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Drops for Pain between the Ribs

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Intercostal neuralgia.

The individual ingredients are homoeopathic to the symptoms of the intercostal region as follows:

Arsenicum album: Burning pains, ameliorated by warm applications. Midnight aggravations.

Colocynthis: Flashlike neuralgic or neurotic pains. Intercostal pains.

Ranunculus bulbosus: Organotherapeutic relationship to the chest-wall with violent pains. Neuralgic-rheumatic pain associated with restlessness, ameliorated by constant motion.
- Severe pain: 10 to 15 drops in some water in ½ - 1 hourly intervals 
- As improvement sets in reduce the frequency to 1-2-3 hourly. To prevent relapsing conditions it is advisable to carry on the medication over a variable period of time: 10-15 drops once daily 
- In the presence of Herpes zoster or a previous history of this complaint give additionally N68 in alternation every ½ - 1 - 2 hours.
- Trigeminal- or facial neuralgias: give additionally N70 drops.
- In sciatica: compare N71 drops.
- In pleurisy: give additionally N24 drops.
- In osteo-arthritis of the thoracic vertebrae as the cause of intercostal neuralgia: give additionally N11 drops.
- In degenerative discs lesions and osteochondritis: compare N11 drops.
- Topically use N30 or Lumbagin N61 drops.



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