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Against Hydrops

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Muscular weakness of the heart and appearance of hydropsy and oedema of the legs. Hydropsy in the abdomen frequently due to the muscular weakness of the heart. May also be effective in renal oedema.

The effect of the present remedy manifests as an eliminating stimulation of oedema, appearing in muscular weakness of the heart, in cardiac affections or infectious diseases.

Adonis vernalis: Digitalis alike glycosid reaction without danger of cumulation. Diuretic effect in arrythmia and tachycardia.

Convallaria: Tonic of the heart.

Crataegus: Enlarges the coronary blood-vessels.

Digitalis: Increasing of the muscular strength of the heart.

Helleborus: Reinforcement of the diuretic components.

Scilla: Marked diuretic action. Indicated also in hydrops, exudative (fibrinous) form of pleuritis and arrhythmia absoluta.

As a general effect, an increasing of the muscular strength of the heart and of the blood circulation will be obtained. Through the additional use of Scilla, good results may sometimes be obtained in oedema, due to disturbances in the renal function, in nephritis and renal stoppages. It will be of great importance to reduce the absorption of liquids
-  Three times daily 15-20 drops before or after meals. In acute conditions, 6 times daily 20-30 drops in a little water. After improvement, reduce the dose 2-3 times daily 10-15 drops.  
- Complementary remedies. 
- N2 drops in all conditions 
- N3 drops in muscular disturbances of the heart and bad conduction 
- N12 drops in high-tension and sclerosis 
- N19 or N20 drops in glandular disturbances, specially at the climacteric age 
- N59 drops in obesity causing overstrain of the cardiac-muscle 
- N37 drops in flatulence (stomach) with gastro-cardiac symptomatic complex 
- N40 drops in diabetes.
- In renal oedema: see N64 drops.



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