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Affections of the abdomen-right side

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Apis mellifica: Specific action on burning pains in the abdomen (right side) as found in inflammation of the ovaries. Beneficient action on cysts by resorption.

Bryonia: Lessens inflammation of the appendix.

Sulfur: Increases the effect of Apis while completing it. Reducing itching and psoric disorders which always follow ovary affections.
- As prolonged cure 3 times daily 10-15 drops in some water before meals. 
- In case of acute inflammation and convulsive pains or colic a more frequent dose is to be administered. 
- According to degree of acuity, every 5 minutes, or every 15-30 minutes, 10 drops (possibly in a little warm water). Also to be advised are hot poultices or the application of healing earth. With inflammation of the abdomen on both right and left sides the alternative use of N39 and N38 is indicated at intervals of 1-2 hours. With fever, R1 which will also decrease the inflammation. One is never to lose sight of the fact that such affections are also liable to reaction on the kidneys and so N27 is also to come of eventual use. 
- N17 drops with suspected tumours.
- N4 drops with intestinal spasms.
- N37 drops in constipation and convulsive flatuosities.
- N11 drops for shooting pains in the back, also in this case.
- N50 drops, pains in the sacral region of women.
- N16 drops will be of benefit in case of neuralgia.


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