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Epilepsy Drops

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Bufo: Specific remedy against epileptic fits and progressive weakness.

Pulsatilla: Promotes vicarious effects in general, in the sense that diseases stifled in the past are rediscovered as an effect of vicariation.

Zincum: Various beneficial effects in case of convulsion, brings out stifled diseases of the skin.
- Generally 2-3 times daily 10-15 drops in some water by way of a prolonged cure. 
- Prior to attacks or after an attack administer 20 drops every ½ hour for two hours. 
- After treatment over a period to three months the dosage may be reduced to 10-15 drops once a day. 
- N36 is considered to be a useful complementary remedy and one is advised to compare the symptomatology as listed thereunder. 
- In restlessness and excitement: compare N14 drops.
- In hysterical attacks: see N47 drops.
- Convulsions during teething: N35 drops.
- In tetany and eclampsia: see N34 drops.


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