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Glandular Drops for Men

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Hypophysis: Essential element of hormonal system. Controls the internal secretion, the contents of lactic acid in the blood, the mineralization and the fluidic content of the body. (anti-diuretic effect).

Testes: Senility, declining potency, faulty memory, depression, functional disturbances of the glands, inferiority complex, cryptorchidism, nocturnal enuresis, impotency. Frigidity of women, lesbian tendencies, oligo- and azzoospermia, faulty circulation, congestions. Attenuates hyperfunction of hypophysis.

Thyreoidinum: Regulation of the thyroid gland, interrupted development of hyroidinum Mixoedema, hypothermy, hypercholesterinamia, retarded intellectual development, helps drain the organism.
Generally 3 times daily 10-15 drops in some water. 

  1. In the process of potentisation the surface area is increased resulting in an opposite action of the remedy as compared to its actions in the crude form (following the Arndt-Schulz principle).  
  2. To increase the reactivity after debilitating diseases: see N26 drops.
  3. <li style="\&quot;text-align:" justify;="" \"=""> In obesity: additionally N59 drops.


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