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Nerve Tonic (Anxiety,Depression,Tension)

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Acid phos: Physical and mental weakness, weakness of back and sacral region, inability to do mental work. Consequences of grievances and worries. Indifference and discouragement. Drowsiness during day, dislike to converse. Pollutions, impotency.

Cocculus: Physical weakness, exhaustion, irritability, state of depression, insomnia, weakness of muscles of the nape, with a feeling of heaviness in head.

Sepia: Sadness, irritable and moody. Indifference to duties, especially with women in the menopause.




<p style="\&quot;text-align:" justify;="" \"=""> Zincum met: Great nervous exhaustion, restlessness of the legs. Irritability of the nervous system, taciturnity, slow mental conception, weak memory. Burning and weakness along spinal cord. Pricking and numbness of the limbs.

- In the beginning of the treatment three time daily 10-15 drops in some drinking water. 
- In sleep disturbances: see N 14 drops which may be administered additionally.
- During menopause: Additionally N 10 drops.
- In endocrine disturbance: see N 19, respectively N 20 drops.
- In hypotension: see N 44 drops.
- In impotency: see N 41 drops.

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